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Varisation Sales Recruitment (VSR) Ltd


Who and why....

Your employers ask us: 

Clients have told us what they would like to see in candidates recommended for interview. 

You need to identify yourself from fellow candidates by knowing your strengths and what your value add is.  Setting the correct level of expectation for your new employer is a must, know what you can deliver.

  • Preparation.  Ask yourself some useful questions to help you target what it is you want from your next career move.
  • Client/potential.   How many?  What contact level?  Revenue earned over the past 12 months from each one?  Forecast for the next 12 months?  Realistic percentages you feel can be achieved?
  • Client/relationship.  What do they say about you?  Produce letters of recommendation from your clients about the work you have done with them.  This will go some way to giving an understanding of the working relationship you have built.
  • Development.  Training/Networking.  What progressive actions have you taken to further your own training and development to acquire and enhance the skills you need to progress your career?
  • Be wise.  Check your current contract of employment for restrictive covenants with a solicitor. 
  • Self description.  Ask yourself which words describe your working characteristics best and make a small list of 4 or 5. 
  • Be yourself.  Relax and let the real you come forward, don't pretend to be someone your not.  Contrary to opinion, interviewers do not live on mars and are not stupid.  They will see you for who you are.
  • Smile.  Good grief!  You can only imagine the numbers of candidates we meet who forget to smile.
  • Past/present/future.  Give a clear presentation of your track record, with victories over the past, present and where you stand with future sales in relation to the client.
  • Be smart.  Study the clients' website and record information that you feel is relevant.
  • Sales.  P45s, P60s have them at your side, ready to present at interview.
  • Vision.  Decide how you will business manage your new role and how you will manage to grow, either it (desk, group, department) or a division over the next 12 months?  What will you need in order to achieve this?  Where will your physical and moral support come from within the company?
  • Success.  Decide what your personal ingredients and vision of success are and fix your goals?
  • Achievement.  Is a state of mind?  Is talent?  Skill?  Drive?  Intelligence?  Education?  Training?  Teamwork?  One or all?  You decide, it is you that counts.