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Varisation Sales Recruitment (VSR) Ltd

Experience....the people factor! 

VSR are a group of experienced recruitment professionals who believe in quality of service, professionalism, honesty and dedication.  Not to mention, we love what we do.
"People are our most important asset,"  how typical that the essential truth of this statement is embraced by some and still ignored by most.  Yet the reality for many employees is that they still feel under-valued, under-trained and under-utilised. 
By bringing together the best sales people in their chosen fields and the best companies, VSR are doing their part to bring greater awareness to the IT/Telecoms/Marketing industries of employee needs.
We regularly ask questions such as, which kind of person do you need to attract, to meet your company's objectives?  What initiatives are employed to attract and retain staff?  How are you challenging your company to meet employee needs?
At VSR we offer a business support role in our capacity as sales recruitment specialists, you could call it an extension to your in-house recruitment facility.  


Why use us?


  • Personalised and tailored approach,  a team that understands your business and consistently  provides, best matched candidates.

  • VSR won't swamp you with CVs', but will have continuity of consultant and an honest and open working style.

  • Working with you in a business support role means, we will do what we say we will do.

  • Always striving to improve on performance, We challenge ourselves to do better. 


But guess what?  You've heard and read all of this on other websites before, lets just say we'll do our best each and every time for you.


VSR Sales Process... 

It does help to know exactly how we attempt to find our clients, the best of the best in such a short time frame.  What are our ingredients for success:


Understanding...  How else will you find the right candidate.  At the first stage we ask our clients to email us at with their latest Job specification.

VSR Consultants will find out more details about the employer they will be working with, to better understand the history of the position, previous recruitment efforts and their interviewing procedures or preferences.

Our terms of business will be clearly explained and as will the recruitment method chosen, be it Database Search or Closed Approaches.

When and who, who and when, the circle never ends, can you ever get the right mix!  That is why a realistic time scale is agreed between VSR and our customers that will enable us to find the outstanding and ‘Best Fit’ candidates for you to interview.

Information...  We need to know our customers if we are to find the correct candidates for you (‘Best Fit’), so its makes good practice to find out as much as we can about who you are and what you do best from such sources as the internet, company information and historical references, press releases, etc….


Reap the Harvest...  VSR select a shortlist of prospective candidates collated from Advertising, be it on our company website, national or local advertising and from selected internet job boards. 

Interviewing...  Normal process is to conduct person to person interviews after initial telephone interview.  Only when we have gained the candidates commitment, will they be told information about the client and in depth information about the position.


Reporting...  VSR will forward candidates' C.V's with a VSR Consultants appraisal.  The shortlist will comprise of no more than 3 candidates. 

Pre-interview...  Candidates will attend the interview with the client, fully informed and briefed about the company.  They will have been advised to research the company and will be furnished with any information sources that would act to enhance their knowledge of the client.  Therefore the interview can be better based on ‘Best Fit’ topics between the candidate and the client.

Post-interview...  We ask our candidates to contact us on an, ‘as soon as basis’ when they have completed their interview.  This is so VSR can better aid their advancement through to the next stage of interview with the client by reporting immediately their feedback of the interview.

Resignation...  Once the candidate has resigned, the VSR Consultant involved, will stay in contact with both parties at this crucial time.  Our aim is not to be intrusive and to act only as a conduit between the client and the candidate during this phase.


Start date...  VSR aim to stay in touch with the candidate as part of our on going Support Partnership Programme.  We will contact the successful candidate on a twice yearly basis and welcome any contact from them in return.


                                             As the saying goes "we're here to help"!

                                                     How can we help you today?